Lecture 'Mobile Robots'

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Die Anfänge / Automatisches Planen
Moravecs Paradoxon und Roboterkontrollarchitekturen
Reinforcement Learning
Offene Probleme und wichtige Begriffe


1. STRIPS Planning (solution)
2. Braitenberg vehicles (solution)
3. Novelty detection (solution) (video)
4. Robot navigation WITH a map (example solution with the Wavefront algorithm) (video)
5. Robot localization WITH a map (solution with a Scan-Match approach)
6. Reinforcement Learning with your ideas (solution)
7. Value iteration (solution)
8. Q-Learning (solution)
9. Imitation Learning (solution)
10. An example of a cognitive architecture

Here are some links to helpful resources:
RL = Reinforcement Learning
LfD = Learning from Demonstrations / Imitation-Learning
Pr = Problems to build robots
KR = Knowledge Representation
CS = Cognitive Science