Lecture 'Multimodal Sensor Systems'

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01 - Grundlegende Begriffe

02 - Einführung in ConvNets

Code example: A simple MLP for classification of 2D data points with Keras
Code example: Trying to use a MLP as a classifer for images
Code example: Setting a custom convolution filter in Keras and applying it to a test image
Code example: Max-pooling filter in Keras and applying it to a test image
Code example: "Digit image classification experiment reloaded:" Is a CNN better than a MLP?
Code example: A CNN for classification of cars vs. bikes

03 - Vertiefung ConvNets

Folie zum Aufbau: AlexNet
Folie zum Aufbau: VGG16
Folie zur Berechnung der Dimension des Outputtensors
Paper: ImageNet Classification with Deep ConvolutionalNeural Networks (AlexNet)
Paper: Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition (VGG16)

04 - Objektdetektion

Paper: Rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentation
Paper: Selective Search for Object Recognition

05 - Neuere Objektdetektionsmodelle

Paper: Fast R-CNN
Paper: Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks
Paper: You Only Look Once (YOLO): Unified, Real-Time Object Detection

06 - Bewertung von Klassifikatoren und Objektdetektoren

07 - Der rekursive Bayes'sche Filter

08 - Partikel Filter

Demo: Partikel Filter in C++

09 - Mean Shift Clustering


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Einrichten der Arbeitsumgebung (Anaconda/Jupyter)

Besprechung 03.04.19: Exercise 01: "Welcome to Python!"
Download this Jupyter notebook and fill in the missing code cells!
--> Solution for exercise 01

Besprechung 17.04.19: Exercise 02: Keras and MLP --> solution
Besprechung 24.04.19: Exercise 03: Experimenting with CNNs --> solution
Besprechung 08.05.19: Exercise 04: Using a pre-trained CNN --> solution
Besprechung 15.05.19: Exercise 05: Transfer learning --> solution
Besprechung 22.05.19: Exercise 06: Looking deeper into a CNN --> solution
Besprechung 05.06.19: Exercise 07: Decision visualization --> solution
Besprechung 12.06.19: Exercise 08: Object detection with TensorFlow --> solution
Besprechung 26.06.19: Exercise 09: YOLO object detector --> solution
Besprechung 03.07.19: Exercise 10: Training an own object detector --> solution