Lecture: Programming 1

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Normal lecture times: Thursdays, 08:00-09:30 and 10:00-11:30 in S0.11

Note! Postponement of lectures:
Th, 12.12.19, 08:00, S0.11 -> Fr, 08.11.19, 08:00, S0.12ab
Th, 12.12.19, 10:00, S0.11 -> Fr, 15.11.19, 08:00, S0.12ab
Th, 19.12.19, 08:00, S0.11 -> Fr, 22.11.19, 08:00, S0.12ab
Th, 19.12.19, 10:00, S0.11 -> Fr, 29.11.19, 08:00, S0.12ab


All slides for this lecture (last updated: 29.11.2019)


The exercises start at Wednesday, 16.10.19.

"Old" exercises: C and C++

C and C++ exercises
Solutions to all exercises on github

"New" exercises: C++ only

These exercises are currently under development. Thanks to Felix Fritz!
Each week two new C++ exercises will be published.

Exercise sheet #01: Classes
Exercise sheet #02: Constructor, Access specifier
Exercise sheet #03: Inheritance
Exercise sheet #04: Container (strings, vectors, maps)
Exercise sheet #05: fstream for file operations
Solutions to all the new exercises on github

Example of a written exam

Example of a written exam - without solutions
Example of a written exam - with solutions